Thyroid Hypo Capsules

Thyroid Hypo Capsules

 2,400.00 18%

Cure your Thyroid the natural way.

 2,400.00 18%

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• Helps treat the function of hormones
• Improves hepatic and renal oxidative stress
• Improves the inflammatory response in hypothyroidism
• Stimulates weight loss
• Reduces joint pains
• Helps regulate hypothyroidism levels
• Eases stress
• Increases metabolism
• Fenugreek helps reduce the thyroid hormone level and modify the T3/T4 ratio
• Improves blood levels


• Banslochan (tabasheer)
• Fenugreek Seeds (methi dana)
• Ceylon Cinnamon (Ceylon darcheeni)
• Dried Indian gooseberry (amla khushk)
• Coriander Sativum (Kishneez Khush)
• Indian Ginseng (Asgand Nagori)
• Spearmint (Desi Pudeena)


Adults: Two capsules in the morning and two capsules at night, after meals with water.
Upto 12 years: One capsule in the morning and one at night, after meals with water.

Weight 140 g


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