Sandal (Chandanis)

Sandal (Chandanis)

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Sandalwood is a virtual ware house of goodness and has antiseptic, astringent, anti inflammatory and disinfectant properties. The antiseptic quality of sandalwood benefits to treat rashes, acne, blackheads and other skin eruptions. Its germicidal quality inhibits the growth of bacteria. It’s highly beneficial for the liver, heart, gallbladder, ulcers and more health related issues.

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  • Treats eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis
  • Anti ageing properties
  • Removes scars & acne
  • Softens skin
  • Anti tanning properties
  • Saves skin from prickly heat
  • Cooling properties
  • Treats puffy eyes and dark circles
  • Relaxes the body
  • Soothes urinary system
  • Heals ulcers
  • Reduces stress and hypertension
  • Relaxes nerves and muscles
  • Prevents natural teeth loss
  • Treats liver diseases
  • Treats heart diseases
  • Treats gallbladder problems
  • Beneficial in cardiovascular diseases



  • For removing acne and blackheads mix one (01) teaspoon of Sandalwood Powder, one (01) teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel and two teaspoons of yogurt to form a fine paste. Apply the paste on the affected areas and let it get dried for 30 minutes and rinse well with water. It helps eliminating bacteria that cause acne.
  • To make a fairer skin complexion, take one (01) teaspoon of Sandalwood Powder one (01) teaspoon of Besan (Gram Flour) and one (01) teaspoon of Haldi) Turmeric powder – mix all three and make paste with little amount of Rose water and apply on the skin. Let it be applied on your skin and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, gently wash it with water.
  • By taking a pinch of Sandal Powder with water helps in treating anti inflammation.


(These remedies may effect certain people having specific medical or physical conditions – it is highly advisable to STOP USING ANY OF THESE REMEDIES IMMEDIATELY if it affects you in any way and consult your personal physician).



  • Sandal Stick


Special Instructions

  • Keep the herb airtight after opening the seal (at all times). Refold package liner tightly after opening it.
  • Keep it in vacuum-sealed jar in a dark, cool location for longer use.

Additional Information

Weight 110 g

100 grams, 50 grams


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