Maajoon E Qaboos

Maajoon E Qaboos


(For Men Only)

Green Roots Maajoon e Qaaboos helps overcome male sexual weaknesses, boosts overall body functions and increase energy levels.



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  • Maajoon e Qaaboos is a supplement for men. It helps overcome sexual weaknesses, boosts overall body functions and energy, provided nutrition to the body.



  • Take one teaspoon – daily anytime in the day, with milk.



  • Mastic Gum (mastagi roomi)
  • Marvari (Pearl herb)
  • Kharateen
  • Regmahi (sand fish)
  • Saffron
  • Kholanjaan (galingale)
  • Bisbasa (Myristica fragrans Houtt)
  • Jauz (cornflower)
  • Karanphool (star anise)
  • Jadwaar (delphinium denudatum)
  • Wark nakra
  • Salab Misri (Orchis latifolia Linn)
  • Museli White
  • Isgand (Indian ginseng)
  • Amber
  • Shilajeet


Special Instructions

  • Not suitable for diabetic patients
Weight 265 g



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