Jasmine Oil

Jasmine Oil


The aroma of Green Roots Jasmine Oil is used to relax stress level and depression. Jasmine Oil can also be used as an antiseptic fluid. By using Jasmine Oil you can also improve hair strength by making them healthy while by using it on skin can reveal a better healthy and shiny skin surface.


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  • It is an antiseptic oil which helps in Allergy problems of skin.
  • Strengthens the roots of hair.
  • Provides moisture to the hair..
  • Lighten scars
  • Helps dry skin and Eczema



  • Apply Jasmine oil directly to hair or mix with any other hair oil for hair growth.
  • Apply on the skin at night to lighten scars.
  • Inhale Jasmine oil to ease and relieve depression and stress.



Jasmine Leaves Extract

Weight 135 g

120 mL


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