Hair Food

Hair Food

 2,400.00 18%

A natural supplement for luscious, beautiful and healthy hair.



 2,400.00 18%

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• Helps hair grow faster and longer, proving nourishment to the follicles.
• Enriched with Vitamin E and C and Omega 3.
• Reduction in hairfall
• Prevents dryness and frizzy hair
• Prevents thinning of the hair
• Strengthens hair
• Improves blood circulation in the scalp
• Keeps the scalp moisturised
• The presence of White Sesame Seeds may also help avoid or prevent premature greying of the hair.



Flax Seeds
Chia Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
White Sesame Seeds

How to Consume

Half teaspoon in the morning
Half teaspoon in the evening
Can be taken before meals or after meals.

Weight 280 g


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