Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil


Green Roots Grape Seed Oil.


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  • Prevents cancer
  • Controls blood pressure
  • Improves bone health & cognitive functions
  • Beneficial for skin care, oral health, osteoarthritis & diabetes
  • Protects against cardiovascular diseases
  • Protects the stomach
  • Treats acne and pimples
  • Minimizes eye circles
  • Skin tightening agent
  • Helps hair growth
  • Combats dandruff
  • Improves hair shine and strengthens hair



  • Mixing a drop of grape seed oil in your favorite moisturizing face and body creams helps to seal the moisture into your skin.
  • If you’d prefer, you can heat grape seed oil slightly by putting some in your palms and rubbing your hands together. Apply a generous amount to your skin as a moisturizing mask.
  • Apply a small amount to the palm of your hand and rub together. Massage into your scalp gently. Grape seed oil promotes healthy hair growth and acts as a natural dandruff treatment. It can also be diluted with distilled water and placed in a spray bottle to control hair in humid temperatures.
  • To use grape seed oil on your face, massage several drops into clean skin before you go to bed at night. You can repeat the process in the morning, if desired. Since grape seed oil doesn’t clog pores, it’s ideal for all skin types, including oily skin that needs moisturizing.
  • Grape seed oil is a well-known carrier oil, which makes loose skin remarkably tight over time. It is rich in vitamin E and healthy fats, which hydrate the skin profusely and boost the production of collagen in it.
  • Grape seed oil reduces puffy eyes, dark circles and forming of eye-bags, and nourishes the skin from within. Moreover, it also helps in getting good sleep. How to use: Apply few drops of grape seed oil on the affected eye area and dark spots with a cotton pad.
  • Can be used for cooking and: 1) Stir Frying • 2. Deep Frying • 3. Sautéing • 4. Searing Meat • 5. Roasting Vegetables • 6. Salad Dressings • 7. Grilling.
Weight 80 g

30 mL


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