Ginger Oil

Ginger Oil


Green Roots Ginger Oil.


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  • Effective for arthritis
  • Reduces menstrual cramps
  • Cures digestive problems
  • Eases frozen shoulders
  • Relieves sinus congestion
  • Recovers muscle fatigue
  • Helps get rid of travel sickness
  • Cures IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Beneficial for colds, sore throats and respiratory relief & hair fall
  • Improves hair growth
  • Clears scars and spots



  • Inhaling the aroma from ginger oil has been used as a way to relieve nausea.
  • Ginger oil or extract is sometimes included in shampoos or other hair products, as it’s believed to promote hair health and growth
  • Diffusers are a great way to add a pleasing scent to a room. In some cases, the essential oil may need to be diluted in water
  • Ginger oil in a spray can be used to freshen the air in a room.
  • Ginger oil can be used for steam inhalation (few drops in water)
  • Ginger oil that’s being applied to the skin should always be diluted in carrier oil first. Some examples of carrier oils include almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil.
Weight 80 g

30 mL


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