Asthma Capsule

Asthma Capsule

 2,400.00 18%

A natural and the only guaranteed cure for Asthma.

 2,400.00 18%

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• Sooths the bronchioles
• Treats coughs associated with asthma
• Breaks up chest congestion
• Thins mucus
• Decreases swelling and inflammation in the airways
• Reduces congestion
• Clears sinuses
• Aids upper respiratory conditions.
• Helps relieve asthma, providing a long term, permanent riddance.
• Hyssop (Gul e zoofa)
• Parsiyon Shan
• Violet Flower (Gul e banafsha)
• Borage Flower (Gul e Gaozaban)
• Fennel (saunf)
• Liquorice Root Powder (mulethi)


For adults; Two capsules in the morning and two capsules in the night, after meals with water.
Upto 12 years; One capsule in the morning and one at night after meals with water.

Weight 130 g


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