Allergy Cure

Allergy Cure



Green Roots Allergy Cure is an effective medicine for most commonly found allergy problems, including skin allergy, blood allergy, and asthma. It also treats acne and pimples.


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• Helps fight all sorts of blood allergies.
• Helps purify blood.
• Helps clear acne and acne related problems


Take 1/2 teaspoon after breakfast and dinner with water.



  • Ingredients
  • Gul gaozaban
  • Gul mandi
  • Saunf
  • Mulethi
  • Unaab
  • Gul e benafsha


Special Instructions

  • AVOID Exposure to Moisture.
  • STORE Medicines In a Cool, Dry Place.
  • READ Medicine Labels and Instructions Carefully.
Weight 175 g

140 Grams


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