About Us

Welcome to Green Roots

We bring you herbal, organic and natural products made from 100% pure ingredients, sourced through the most unspoiled, preserved & selected eco systems. Our history of quality, assurance & accreditations speaks for itself. 

Our consultants have years of experience in herbal medicine, remedies & cure often referred to as herbopathy or herbology. We make use of thousands of years of ayurvedic, herbal and natural practices for remedies & cure.  

For those new to herbal remedies or herbology, we offer consultation through our clinic, our social media platforms, pre-recorded videos on our YouTube and online with a pre-booked appointment.

Our Story

Green Roots was established fifteen years ago with a vision to source 100% pure herbs from the most preserved natural heritages, eco systems & conservations across the world to manufacture medicines and health related treatments by experimenting and producing products for all age groups.

In all these years Green Roots has formulated a vast range of over 200 products & treatments for almost every known disease to mankind. We are also proud to be one of the very few global distributors of herbs & spices, with an immaculate track record & guaranteed quality. 

We are more than just proud to have been able to cure, comfort and provide relief to thousands of people. Our panel of consultants is diverse & specializes in a number of treatments ranging from pre-formulated medication to customized medicines, formulated on a case by case basis as per specific medical history and condition of each patient.


Our mission is to provide the best services to people, gain their interest and trust in us. – Our mission is to eradicate the uses of chemicals and steroids for basic and severe health and beauty problems people struggle with. We believe nature is the best healer, and we work on it to provide the best treatments for every sort of disease/problem under one roof.



Our vision is to bring people towards Ayurveda and chemical/steroid free medications and products . We aim to create awareness about the multiple and uncountable benefits for naturopathy, herbs, fruits, vegetables and spices that can be consumed in whatever possible ways to cure illnesses, enhance beauty and prolong a healthy lifestyle. We strive to provide everything under one roof. We welcome everyone with open arms to the world of herbs and naturopathy.



Our medicines are pre-prepared, and customised according to patient requirements as well. 100% herbal, steroid free, chemical free, preservatives free, safe to use for all age groups.

Premium Quality

We at Green Roots, deal with nothing but the best. We have a wide range of herbs and essential oils, and products made using the ingredients present within our company. We invest in pure and organic products. Our products are of premium quality, our medicines are freshly prepared, and we strive to provide the best to everyone under one roof.

100% Natural

Green Roots is known for their products being 100%, and medicines 100% herbal. We clearly don’t add any preservatives, or chemicals. Our products don’t contain any harmful components, and have no side effects.


We provide medicines for all sorts of diseases, allergies. Internal and external issues. We also customise medicines according to the patient’s requirements/conditions.